Posted by: happyman | November 12, 2009

The first trial to write a post…

What is depression? Why the thousands of people suffer of this strange word from time to time? And occasionally it is a very long time.
I think that people become depressed just by themselves. They invent to themselves new and else new problems and constantly thinking about these problems. That leads them from happy and carefree life to nasty and prolonged depression.
For example, the young beatiful lady was cast by her boyfriend. They think “probably I am ugly”. Then she think that she is stupid, too short for him and the many absurd things like above. She think about herself more and more time, begin to find in herself more and more disadvantages. And finally she is in the deep depression and run to the chemist’s to buy antidepressants or think about suicide.

Talk with something and tell about your problems and doubts is always better than close in yourself. Think about it


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