Posted by: happyman | November 12, 2009

5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves

1) Fold origami. The Japanese are very quiet people. You will never hear from their paper homes wrathful rebukes. It’s all because instead of argue each other they fold the paper crane from colored paper. Don’t want cranes? I can offer you a lot of other paper figures :)

2) Knitting a sweater. There are a lot of variants: jacket, dress, suit for your nephew and other difficult knitted stuff. Crochet hook or needles? Chose what you want. This method (like previous) is a good for calm your nerves, because folding and knitting patterns allows you to focus on them and forget about external stimuli.

3) Go shopping. Only for women. But it really works! What else can so fast cheer up, except the endless fitting stylish new clothes. Men’s alternative: going to buy a new software for the PC or a new DVD movies.

4) Go to the gym. For men – physical trainings, for women – aerobics, fitness, yoga. From one to two times the figure, however, does not improve, but your body get so positive energy that you immediately feel yourself better.

5) Sit in the bus (or tram, trolley). I don’t now how you, but I was always attracted by romantic of this perspective – long, long time just look out the window.

What way you like to get rid of stress?


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